New Brunswick, Canada

Photo Credit: New Brunswick Tourism

Sculpted over millennia by the largest tidal surge in the world, the Bay of Fundy presents remarkable seascapes of gouged caves, soaring cliffs, sea stacks, and expansive tidal flats. Walking here with Country Walkers, you’ll discover the essence of New Brunswick’s charm: a delightful mix of Acadian roots, maritime culture, natural beauty, and vibrant traditions.

Photo Credit: New Brunswick Tourism

New Brunswick, Canada — this place is mighty spectacular. With a coastline steeped in history and a rugged beauty that only the greatest tides on earth could sculpt, a trip to New Brunswick’s side of the Bay of Fundy is an exploration of one of the most distinctive, unspoiled eco-systems in North America.

It’s a rare pocket of scenic splendor and home to one of the planet’s best collection of migratory whales and birds (James Audubon charted some of his rarest bird sightings), marine mammals, and a feeding ground for the protected and legendary sea giant, the North Atlantic Right whale.

With five diverse regions and two distinct coastlines, New Brunswick is tailor-made for road-trips. Start with the Bay of Fundy as your backdrop. One hundred sixty billion tonnes of sea water funnel into the Bay of Fundy from the Atlantic Ocean, twice a day, every day, to form the world’s highest tides, in an area designated a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

Seaside fishing villages, charming resort towns and outposts rich in maritime tradition dot the coast.

An unspoiled outdoor adventure mecca that gives you space to breathe, all the while offering up more than enough natural wonders to take your breath away.

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