Watch as travel expert, video journalist and contributor to, Kelley Ferro explores Australia’s Northern Territory. Touring with USTOA Member Goway Travel gave Kelley access to local guides, unique wildlife and once in a lifetime experiences that make this region one of the most culturally rich in the world. Highlights of the trip include hiking through the vast Kings Canyon, visiting Uluru -Kata Tjuta National Park and sampling the local cuisine throughout.

More on how to tour Australia’s Northern Territory:

Northern Territory: On The Big Sky Life

by Flash Parker, AFAR Ambassador 

I told Goway Travel and the Tourism Northern Territory crew that I am as brave as they come; I’m willing to stare two-pronged danger in the face, go toe-to-toe with crocodilian terrors, and dance with thorny mayhem – so long as it’s behind three inches of safety glass. That’s how I ended up at the Alice Springs Reptile Centre, shoulder to shoulder with owner Rex Neindorf’s fantastic collection of slithering, slinking Outback wonders. Read the full post here.

Northern Territory: The Nature of Expectation

by Flash Parker, AFAR Ambassador 

Expectation has a way of bringing travel into perspective. But when expectation is paired with long-distance travel – in the case of my trip to Australia’s Northern Territory, a 14-hour jaunt book-ended by a pair of 4-hour flights – expectation also can shape the way you think about place and space. Read the full post here.

Northern Territory: A Land Before Time

by Kelley Ferro

Never have I been anywhere that has more “sky.” I know what you are going to say— “every place has the same amount of sky” but trust me, when you are standing in the desert of the Northern Territory, you might rethink that statement. Read the full post here.

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