From the Atacama Desert to Patagonia and the Antarctic territory, plus the imposing landscapes of the Andes Mountain Range and coastal areas along the Pacific Ocean, few countries offer as much diversity as Chile. Join Modern Day Explorer Rebecca Rhyan as she scouts local activities and inclusions for itineraries from Cox & Kings, The Americas to Chile.


USTOA Modern Day Explorers: Adventures in Chile 

From the northern border to the very southern tip of the continent, Chile offers a huge variety of landscapes and natural wonders for outdoor adventure. From kayaking and boating to horseback riding and hiking, USTOA tour operator member Cox & Kings, The Americas takes the hassle out of travel by pairing guests with the best local guides. Discover more with Modern Day Explorer Rebecca Rhyan.


USTOA Modern Day Explorers: Cuisine in Chile 

The ingredients, quality and passion that go into the food in Chile is remarkable. Eat your way through this amazing destination with Modern Day Explorer Rebecca Rhyan of Cox & Kings, The Americas and discover how USTOA tour operator members provide guests with unparalleled insider access. From small organic farms to the owner’s private quarters at exclusive wineries, Cox & Kings, The Americas helps bring guests closer to the special culinary experiences they crave.


USTOA Modern Day Explorers: Culture in Chile 

Curious how tour operators find the most memorable, locally immersive experiences for guests to book? Follow USTOA’s Modern Day Explorer Rebecca Rhyan of Cox & Kings, The Americas as she discovers hidden cultural gems in every corner of Chile.


Interested in learning more about Rebecca’s journey to Chile? Go behind-the-scenes with Rebecca as she gets off the beaten path in Chile.

Ready to visit? Click here for details on traveling to Chile with Cox & Kings, The Americas and here for more information on the destination.

Rebecca loves to explore Latin America, searching for authentic experiences to include in every custom itinerary she creates. Her extensive travels throughout the region have given her the opportunities to craft the perfect journey for each client’s interests and tastes — she particularly enjoys building multigenerational journeys for families to explore and learn together through cultural interactions. Among Rebecca’s recent favorite destinations in Latin America: Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

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