Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, features larger-than-life luxury and exotic desert landscapes. Join Modern Day Explorer Max Aly as he scouts local activities and inclusions for itineraries from SITA World Tours to Abu Dhabi.


USTOA Modern Day Explorers: Adventure Awaits in Abu Dhabi

Adventure awaits you in Rub al Khali, one of the largest deserts in the world. Go camel riding, fat biking and dune bashing with  Modern Day Explorer Max Aly of USTOA tour operator member SITA World Tours and discover his expert tips for exploring this incredible destination.


USTOA Modern Day Explorers: Discover Luxury in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi redefines the concept of luxury with fabulous hotels, elegant restaurants and splendid shopping. Go behind the scenes with USTOA’s Modern Day Explorer Max Aly and discover the luxurious accommodations and experiences available to SITA World Tours guests.


USTOA Modern Day Explorers: Explore the Desert Culture of Abu Dhabi

Ancient traditions and modern luxury coexist in perfect harmony in Abu Dhabi. Get an insider look at the culture that awaits you in this modern metropolis with Modern Day Explorer Max Aly as he scouts experiences and inclusions for itineraries from USTOA tour operator member SITA World Tours.


Interested in learning more about Max’s journey to Abu Dhabi? Go behind-the-scenes with him as he uncovers a modern metropolis with desert flavor.

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Max joined SITA in 1993 & has worked in various capacities from sales to operations to product development. Possessing a vast range of experience in the field of tourism, he is ideally suited to serve as SITA’s ambassador in the Modern Day Explorer role. Max started his career in tourism in India as a tour guide and has since traveled widely throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, North & South America and the South Pacific. His destination knowledge is of immense value not only to the organization but also to many of the clients whom he comes in contact with.

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